Spicy Ahmar Pepper Olive Oil


Product of Tunisia

375 ml Bottle


Custom crushed for us in Tunisia with a combination of fresh red and sun-dried red peppers in accordance with a traditional local recipe from Cap du Bon, this oil is unique and reminiscent of a North African spicy, floral, sweet, and hot party of local flavors.   This olive will certainly wow those looking to make their best version of roasted lamb or tagine chicken with couscous.   Medium aromas of sundried tomato and peppers lead to a surprisingly hot mouthfeel of lightly smoked and sun-dried red pepper along with the aroma of fresh red pepper with bitter, pungent sensations and hot overtones with a touch of vegetal smokiness from the sundried, smoky peppers.  The heat builds up to a medium intensity and then spreads across your mouth with super clean and unique sensations of smoked red pepper and fresh black pepper.

Country of Origin Tunisia