Cobrancosa Extra Virgin Olive Oil


October 2021 Crush Date

Product of Portugal

375 ml Bottle


This is a very fruity, medium intensity olive oil with a nice pungency. It is very complex, with many ripe and green fruit flavors. The aroma and flavor are of ripe apple, butter, and tropical fruits with some grassiness. The taste is dominated by mostly of ripe olive flavors. It is buttery, nutty, and pleasantly balanced with low bitterness and moderate pungency, but also has some herbal zing and flavors of cooked artichoke, fresh grass, and green apple.


Crush Date October 2021
Country of Origin Portugal
Acidity .26%
Peroxides 6.1
K232 1.79
Polyphenols 358
PPP <1%
Kosher Certified Orthodox Union
Intensity Mild