Frontier soup mixes contain all natural ingredients with no added sodium, preservatives or MSG. With just enough fresh additions for truly homemade soup, these mixes make delightfully wholesome meals for family and friends. Add some of our gourmet blends, olive oils, and balsamics to make these soups even more unique!


Galena Garlic Company is “Redefining the Art of Cooking.” Our Gourmet Chef Blend line combines the highest quality herbs and spices, garlic, artisan sea salts, and exotic ingredients from around the world. Always fresh and foolproof, our premium spice blends are created in small batches with every package hand sealed.

Our gourmet chef blends are blended fresh and packaged in a resealable pouch that stays fresh for at least 9 months. Our blends are foolproof, with over 300 flavors, from BBQ Rubs to World Flavors. Simply “Sprinkle, Cook & Serve” for an easy, gourmet, healthy meal.

Please contact Laszlo at 815.777.9625 or for more information. We are excited to work with you!


Give the gift of easy gourmet! Gifts from Galena Garlic are always in good taste and always in season!


Our signature gift basket selections combine our gourmet rubs, seasonings, fresh olive oils and balsamics to suit any taste. You can order one of our signature, pre-selected gift baskets, or create one of your own to suit any need or taste.


We also specialize in custom corporate gifts and wedding favors in any quantity, for a favor your guests are sure to savor! Contact Nina at 615-707-9211 or for more information.


If you aren’t sure what they’d like, we also offer gift certificates from $25 – $250. Call us direct to order.

Olive Oil Soaps

Our premium olive oil soaps are handmade and hand cut, using only the finest, earth friendly ingredients and no preservatives. Excellent for all skin types, our soaps will nourish and moisturize your skin with the healthy benefits of olive oil!


Our balsamic vinegars are produced traditionally in Modena, Italy, and aged in oak barrels for up to 18 years. Our product line is always fresh, without preservatives or additives. Create an “easy gourmet” dish by adding to salad, fresh fruit, pasta salad, as a marinade, glaze, or even to your sparkling water or favorite cocktail!

Chef Pouches

Our “Easy Gourmet” Chef Blends, Rubs and Seasonings are prepared in small batches using the freshest, all natural herbs, garlic, sea salt and premium spices from around the world. Our signature chef pouches keep flavor and freshness sealed for over nine months, and with our simple “Sprinkle, Cook, and Serve” philosophy, they are literally recipe-free. From novice to Chef, our gourmet chef blends, rubs and seasonings will help you create a world of flavor in your kitchen!


Our certified, premium line of extra virgin olive oil exceeds world standards for olive oil quality. We know the country of origin, crush date and chemistry, ensuring that you are getting the freshest and finest olive oil in the world today!

Our fused olive oils are made using the Italian “agrumato” method, crushing the ripe olives with the whole fresh fruit, herb or vegetable at the time of crush. Our infused olive oils are made by adding natural flavor to one of our certified, premium extra-virgin olive oils. Enjoy!